Ardeo’s Modern
American Cuisine

Everybody has to eat because it’s a basic human need. However, what differentiates people is their food preferences. Imagine what it’d then be like to have a restaurant bridge that difference because of the fusion of several traditional meals. That’s what modern American cuisine does. It incorporates ingredients and techniques from various dishes.

That’s why Ardeo is one restaurant you must try. Many people claim many things concerning their food quality, but we ensure that you enjoy more than we promise. That’s because it’s easy to make absolute statements only for promotional purposes. Nevertheless, we do everything to ensure that there’s the availability of all we tell our guests we offer.



Though Ardeo isn’t so old, it has a rich history that predates the restaurant’s founding. It all started when Maria M. Bruce was a child. As with many children, one of the ways they bond with family is over meals, whether cooking or eating. It was cooking for Maria, and thus, she took a peculiar liking to this activity that brought her family together.

When she got older, she found joy in learning to prepare new dishes and trying them out with family and friends as guests. That’s when her desire to own her restaurant was born. Combining her love for the art with natural talent, we can say Maria was a destined restauranteur. However, it wasn’t a piece of cake when the time to fulfill the dream came.

Despite the overwhelming support from family and friends, the business didn’t take off as expected. In hindsight, that wasn’t such a bad thing because it was through that experience that she could come back stronger and better. Nevertheless, Ardeo isn’t a thriving restaurant due to only our founder’s hard work and resilience, but also because of our customers and guests.

The Restaurant’s Theme

The concept for Ardeo was more accidental than planned. It’s not that our founder didn’t know what she wanted for the place. Nevertheless, as recounted in our history, it came to her from her experience on her various travels. Modern American cuisine provides an excellent upscale dining experience with a fusion of traditional flavors and cooking methods.

That’s not a far-fetched idea as many diners exist with similar notions. However, there’s nothing ordinary about our theme. The design and menu will assure you of our uniqueness. That’s because we have recipes and items that are peculiar to our dining establishment. Your broad experience here will prove that as well.

Happy Costumers

Excellent eating experience.. from walking in the door and being greeted by an employee, seated and drink order taken, was maybe 5 minutes. The meal was served hot and with excellent taste. The server was very friendly and helpful.”

Had dinner with girlfriends. The menu is perfect, something for everyone. The service was awesome and the employee was very accommodating. Will be back definitely!.”

Great food at a great price! Love the fishplates as well as the salads. A chain restaurant that doesn’t feel like a chain! Love this place!.”

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