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Hi! I’m Maria

About The Founder

Maria M. Bruce is an American chef and businesswoman. She’s a proud wife and mother who values family above all else. Besides home cooking from her childhood, she attended an American culinary institute. Her culinary journey also involved traveling to various places like France, Italy, India, Mexico, and Spain. The rich traditional cuisines of these countries also inspired her.

Thus, they played a role in opening a restaurant with a modern American cuisine theme. Maria still works as a chef, but not full-time anymore. That’s because she mostly has her hands full with the business. However, M still endeavors to cook with her family from time to time. With that, she hopes to pass on the foodservice legacy, alongside some of her recipes.


We at Ardeo Restaurant aim to provide high quality modern American cuisine. Many people get disappointed with the food industry when they don’t get what they desire. Thus, catering appropriately to the food and drink needs of our customers is our passion. We offer top-notch dining experiences for those who appreciate it.


We envision Ardeo becoming a household name in the foodservice industry whenever you mention our specialty. Our restaurant aims to be well-known, loved, sought after for the ambiance and the various services. Besides that, we also envision being a go-to destination for food of fantastic quality.

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